Creating a conference hub

Creating a conference hub

  • Client:
    The New York Times
  • Date:
    June 06, 2016
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About Project:

How do you merge two distinct media conference presenters into a single system? Your Majesty built a custom platform that brings all NYT and IHT conferences into a central, cohesive, expandable experience.

The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune wanted to come together and centralize all their domestic and international conferences. The project required the creation of a single system from which one team could manage them all.

The purpose of the website was to highlight sponsorship, media and news across all NYT and IHT conferences, including easy access into individual conference sites. It was also important that each conference site be unique yet consistent with the overall brand.

With these goals in mind, we created a modular system that enabled the client team to easily build custom layouts from a breadth of features and combinations to suit each conference’s personality.

We also introduced a smart publishing tool that manages before, during and after conference states for the site. Since we built the pages modularly, the conference presenters can rearrange content as they see fit. For instance, they can showcase sections like “About” and “Speakers” before a conference and serve up “Social,” “Agenda” and “Location” to attendees on-the-go during a conference. Conference presenters can control this content with the push of a button or pre-programmed updates.

Producing this new platform began with a deep-dive workshop that brought together all stakeholders to find their core purpose and desires. In parallel, Your Majesty rapidly prototyped the new, modular solution, which allowed us to test and iterate based on early-stage learnings.

With a final platform, style guide and custom content management system, we held workshops to educate the NYT and IHT teams about how to use the site, ensuring a seamless handoff.

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