A publisher’s new presence

A publisher’s new presence

  • Client:
    Condé Nast
  • Date:
    June 06, 2016
  • Category:

About Project:

How do you create a unified presence for a premiere publisher of more than twenty brands? Working closely with internal teams, we made a real-time hub for everything Condé Nast does.

We set the foundation with a content and brand strategy that made Condé Nast the focus, while unifying its magazines, including recent Fairchild acquisitions, and appealing to both advertisers and consumers alike.

From there, we moved onto design and development. We introduced a streamlined navigation, set up a newsfeed, and brought existing content into the new format. To support regular updates, we built a customized content management system. Working closely with internal teams and leadership at Condé Nast, we were able to ensure that the site and infrastructure would serve everyone’s needs.

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