A caffeinated tale

A caffeinated tale

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    June 06, 2016
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About Project:

How do we re-launch a cornerstone brand, and invite people to learn about the art of coffee in new ways? We built a custom platform that brings years of knowledge, passion & craft to a global audience.
Coffeecompany, the largest coffee retailer in the Netherlands retained Your Majesty to reposition their brand online and bring their philosophy and products to a 24/7 caffeinated world. As a part of this adventure, we provided a special blend of strategy and craft to help the company share their story, philosophy and products with customers everywhere.

A little history is nice!
Coffeecompany first opened their doors to the public in 1996 and began a gradual transformation from a mass market approach to a more dynamic and personalized path for coffee making. In 2013 the company began a rebranding initiative that would reflect this shift, inclusive of the brand’s locality, authority and personality supported by a vision to offer people meaningful ways to experience and buy Coffeecompany products online.

The perfect cup!
A core focus of our strategy was to link the brand’s philosophy with the ‘must haves’ for Coffeecompany lovers, while attracting new clientele in the process. Central to the brand’s goals and a key to solving this challenge, Coffeecompany needed to make room for two types of people: “I want to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends” and “I want to get educated about coffee by coffee experts.”

Because Coffeecompany fans easily know which store location they can visit to get their next cup of delicious, time and place are important. Our user experience, design, and technology solutions insure all content is contextually aware of a visitor’s location, interests and device. We also made sure all features can easily scale as Coffeecompany grows their online presence, offerings and interactions with coffee lovers everywhere.

The result?
Everything Coffeecompany has to offer is now clearly represented online. Visitors are presented with useful content and an experience to help them find or discover exactly what they want from the brand, and the company has a whole new set of options they can use to evolve their relationships with people, everyday.

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